72hrs with stretton

72hrs with stretton

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After much talking stretton honor and myself decided it was time to get on the bank together , the venue was chosen as the stunning plantation lake at furnace lakes a challenging lake but one where the rewards can be high

Stretton actually got there 24hrs before me and the first night he managed to land 2 mid 60 catfish , upon hearing the news of these fish I was itching to get there and on the Friday morning I headed off and proceeded to set up on peg 7 with stretton in peg 6

The lake is so stunning it just has to be seen sometimes

I picked my spots and the rods went in , stretton then bought his chair over and we sat having a chat , anyone that knows stretton knows his love for Thailand and the adventures he has had there and after my trip to Thailand last year I was sure we had some stories to share and wow what this man doesn’t know about Thailand is not worth knowing , from the tips about catching rays to the monster Mekong’s and huge Siamese carp , from Gilliam’s to eft and lots of places in between including some lesser known waters this man has beat records and caught so many fish it was a delight to listen and share stories

So the Friday came and went very quickly and it was time to hit the sack and await some screaming runs , unfortunately the Friday night was very quiet with only a few beeps here and there , the Saturday morning mist was rising and it was a stunning sight across the lake , the Saturday was very quiet but we filled it with fun and laughter about fishing and tales of trips in the uk and abroad and as the evening drew in it was time to jump in the pit and see if any monsters awaited us

I didn’t have to wait long as at 11.30 my alarm burst into life and I was into a fish and what felt like a good fish , after 10-15 mins I got my first glance and it was a good fish and looked like a new pb I got the net ready and then heard the heart dropping noise of ” snap” it was gone my hooklink had snapped in half I was gutted but at least the fish were on the feed

Shortly after my disaster stretton was in , I almost beat him to his rod when I heard his alarm ?, I stood and watched as he played and landed a stunning mid 60 , if anyone reading this is friends with stretton you know his photos are not always great shall we say so the mission was on to get a good photo , we got the cat in position and I was laying on wet grass but we got a decent photo

Rods back out and back in the pit when I got a few beeps on my alarm then a few more but not a run I picked the rod up and it suddenly bent over I was in but what felt like a smaller fish but once in the net was met by a pristine common of 29lb with 2 x 28mm pellets and a pop up covered in the catmaster red sauce (it obviously doesn’t just attract the cats )

Stretton had another run but unfortunately had a hook pull on it then we both had various knocks through the night but no fish and I didn’t have a lot of sleep which would explain the next night

Awakening Sunday morning it was a stunning day again and my alarm burst into life I was into a fish again but once again it was a carp and with the bait size it wasn’t properly hooked and so the hook pulled , I made a decision then to switch to a carp rig and boilie during the day as the carp seemed active and a fish is a fish , a couple of hours passed then my alarm was off again I struck and was greeted to a sight of a cat rolling , it was on for around 30 seconds before the hook straightened , cat baits getting hit by carp and carp baits by cats it was one of them weekends for me

The Sunday flew by with more chit chat about anything and everything angling related , to say I was shattered that evening was a understatement and I was glad to get in the sleeping bag , anyone that has fished with me will know I am normally up like a flash when my alarm even beeps not this night , unbeknown to me stretton was into a fish and it had tangled with his other line and he needed assistance , well I was out for the count he called (the guy at the other end of a 7acre lake heard the calls ?) he shone a light but I didn’t wake until he landed the fish and was in my bivvy shouting at me I got up and did the photo shoot

Catmaster fish care spray should be in everyone’s tackle box to ensure any marks are treated

That was it back to bed and out for the count again I awoke Monday morning I didn’t have a beep all night well I didn’t think but stretton informed me that I had a few knocks I just didn’t hear them and he had a fish in the net and another photo shoot was in order

Only a kitten but a cracking little fish

That was it for the session it was time to pack up and say till next time , an awesome weekend with a man that this season has lived up to the catmaster logo conquering tough lakes and landing monster fish , couldn’t of spent the weekend with a nicer chap and look forward to doing it again soon and I’ll try and wake up next time ??

Tight lines all

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