Another session

Another session

September 22, 2019 Uncategorized 0

With the season drawing to a close with winter fast approaching it was time to get back on the bank , with a wcc fish in taking place at Wintons and the rep spots in that already taken it was time to get back to plantation at furnace for another crack at a monster. Plantation is a challenging lake but is stunning and holds some monsters but had not been kind to me this season with no fish and a run of bad luck including hook pulls and snap offs

Fellow rep ryan Dennison and his brother scott were joining me a day later and Ryan was there when I had my pb and also sent me a message when I was in Thailand with 1 hour of fishing left to go saying still time for a Mekong and it happened was my lucky charm going to help break my bad luck I hoped so

Arriving Thursday morning I choose to go in peg 7 with scott going in peg 6 on Friday and Ryan in peg 4 until moving to peg 5 Saturday. I got to my peg and a man who is having a season we all wish for and certainly my cat angler of the year stretton honor was in peg 6 for the night. Stretton and myself had a very enjoyable session a few weeks previous so it was lovely to see him and although he was staying for the weekend he very kindly was going to move round to peg 20 so scott could go next to me

I got set up and the sun was beating down I tried and tried to catch a livebait but it was not happening so I stuck with pellets soaked in catmaster red sauce and mattersons sausage, the day came and went quickly with stretton doing a lovely brunch (a truly awesome sarnie) then me on dinner duties before getting out heads down for the night

I was soon fast asleep before being woken at 2.30am to a alarm going not mine but the man of the moment stretton I rushed over as stretton struck into a fish and duly landed a lovely 68lb cat and I grabbed the camera ready for the photo shoot , I have failed to mention that the previous night stretton landed a 36lb and 86lb so I was hopeful they were on the feed

The rest of the night came and went and when I awoke in the morning stretton was already preparing for his move and after a brief chat ryan and scott turned up ready for there session , with stretton moved round to peg 20 scott and ryan got set up and traps set the sun was beaming down at this point and it was time for a siesta , after a short nap we were all up and having a good batter and catch up all the time constantly watching the lake for any signs , we set out traps around 7 and then had a couple of cuppas and some more chit chat before heading to the pit , my head hit the pillow and I was out like a light ,

I awoke on the Saturday morning after only a couple of small beeps through the night thinking that had been a quiet night after it looked so promising only to find out that scott had got a fish but his shouting did not wake me , now earlier in the season I treated myself to a new Nash indulgence bed chair very comfortable but perhaps too much as it makes me sleep very well

Scott’s fish of 63lb 3oz and it was a new pb for him so very happy

Around 7.30 am my alarm burst into life and I struck into what felt like a good fish , was this my moment , scott was already up and about and came over and wound my other rods in out the way , the fish was running and the rod was bending , scott went and got ryan and they both came back and then it happened the rod pinged back and the line went slack the hook had pulled , its part and parcel of catfishing but you still question everything you do and wander what you did wrong and was that my only chance

Ryan moves to peg 5 and at lunch time we had a big fry up to set us up for the day then another siesta , evening came very quickly and we ended up putting the last rods out in darkness , then the tea and coffee flowed and we sat there chattering before retiring again. I again woke on Sunday morning with only a couple of beeps and to drizzle , Ryan came over and we sat and chatted and I was informed I once again slept through fish ? scott with a new pb of 64lb 10oz and ryan with a 29lb ghostie not the intended species but still a nice fish

I then said the heavens will open and a rod will go , with that my phone went and Stretton was checking how we were doing he was packed up already and was going off to Wintons for a few nights after a quiet couple of days in peg 20 , my alarm suddenly burst into life and I chucked the phone down and struck into a fish and the heavens opened it chucked it down , it felt nice and every 10 yards I gained it took 20 , I was on my knees trying to turn the fish away from snags and Lilly’s and stretton was now on loud speaker and like when I had my Mekong had running commentary perhaps it is both ryan and stretton that bring me luck ?

I had managed to turn the fish but it was around 100 yards out and I was playing it safe as I didn’t want to loose it as it could be my last session , I was gaining line and we finally saw it , then ryan got the net and to see the head hit the spreader block was a big relief and I let out a yell , I had done it I got a fish from a lake I had targeted this year but had nothing but bad luck we looked at the fish in the net ryan said it’s a 70 I thought it was a 60 , I unhooked the fish and then rolled the net arms down I went to lift the fish up and it felt heavy , Ryan helped me get it onto the mat and it looked a lot bigger on there compared to in the water , sling prepared and we lifted the fish on the scales 80lb 8oz a cracking fish and one I had worked hard for so was a massive relief , scott was camera man and some great photos were taken and a T-shirt change half way as I needed one with my re shirt on

A very enjoyable weekend and I would like to thank stretton , ryan and scott for the company and great time , well done scott on your pb and we will do it again next year, also big thanks to furnace lakes a truly great fishery with stunning lakes and cracking fish

This was going to be my last session of the season but a big fish really got me going and I will be back out again I’m sure

Tight lines all

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