Back at Wintons

Back at Wintons

September 9, 2019 Uncategorized 0

I haven’t fished Wintons since April which is unheard off for me as normally I’m there at least once a month , I have been for walks around and open days etc but I felt I needed to get back to my fishing home

I booked onto heron lake where a certain catfish called Barry resides which anyone that reads my blogs knows I have spent many hours chasing but not landing her could this trip change that ?

Arriving on Friday morning a cup of coffee in the office along with a natter and catch up with the great bailiffs and owners who run this stunning venue a couple of hours past and then it was time to get all the gear round to my chosen swim (I had both my kids staying with me so loads of extra gear )

All set up and ready for some action

The Friday afternoon/evening soon flew by with only 1 half hearted run on the rod , livebait and spam where the choice of bait for the night and it was time to get my head down ,

At 11.30 my right hand rod burst into life and I picked the rod up and it bent over a short battle commenced and I slid the net under a small cat of 25lb

Through the night I managed another small cat of around 15lb which I didn’t get a picture off as my kids where fast asleep and I could not wake them

Waking to the rising mist Saturday morning the lake looked stunning and my son got the whip and we preceded to catch some livebaits , enough livies for the night but we continued to catch and release a few more skimmers and roach , all of a sudden the float sank so I lifted the whip up and it bent over double and all off a sudden the hooklink snapped as did the whip a cat had decided it liked the double red maggot

A change of tactics on Saturday afternoon and I put a carp rig out under a overhanging tree as they had been crashing there all day and I had a feeling the cats may be preferring smaller baits , whilst Phil da beard came to visit me we sat and chatted and all off a sudden the rod screamed off I hooked into a cat but when the fish got a rod length away from the net the hook pulled , I tied a new rig with a wide gape xx attached to the catmaster rt hooklength and put it back on the spot

One of the bailiffs came round for a chat and as we sat there I said where is Barry hiding and the rod was off , could it be is that all I needed to say all along I picked the rod up and bang I was into a fish but I knew instantly it was only a small one again but it managed to snag me so the boat was required to in snag and soon the cat was in the net

The Saturday came and went with no other action so it was time to hit the sack again , 11.30 again and the luncheon meat rod screamed off and I soon had another fish in the net but it was a carp this time (I have caught more carp this year then the last 15 years )

Saturday night I had another 2 small cats off the boiles I had put out , carp on half tin of meat and cats on boilies seems to sum my season up this year

So 5 cats to around 25lb and a carp of 16 not a bad 48hrs and it was so nice being back on heron and being back at Wintons after a while away and I can’t wait to get back again but my next trip will be back to furnace where I’m hoping a big cat may grace my net before the end of the season

Tight lines all

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