Cac 2019

Cac 2019

June 7, 2019 Uncategorized 0

So my good friend Alan Honeyman and myself teamed up once again for catfishing against cancer , a great event that is organised to raise money for the teenage cancer trust

Upon arriving at furnace lakes and saying hello to everyone time flew and it was soon time to draw pegs , as I insisted on Alan doing it last year I decided this year was my turn , hand went in the bucket and we drew pegs 3 and 4 on kiln lake , not a lake or swims I would of chosen but I knew we would still have fun and we were there for charity so it didn’t really matter where we went

I set up in peg 4 and Alan peg 3 , we had every type of bait available as we didn’t know which lake so best come prepared, so first things first whip out and get some livies in the net , spots picked and quickly got the rods out no sooner had I got all 3 out my right rod tore off but a missed run but a positive sign

The first night we managed to bank a few , I had 2 fish and Alan once (ask Alan about the margins on kiln ?)

Anyone wandering why we have things in our mouths this is the weight , peg no and team name (dalan in this case )

We thought that’s it it’s going to be a busy night how wrong we’re we and to set a trend for the rest of the week every night at 11pm the lake switched off but a good nights sleep all round

Alan wandered down to see me at around 8.30am and with that my rod took off and I landed another fish , we switched and changed baits around but it was fishing hard and on the Monday I managed another fish and at this point I considered switching all rods to livebait as this is what was working but as livies were hard to come by I decided against it ,

Waking up Tuesday morning we couldn’t believe how quiet the night was again but once again Alan walked down to see me and my rod screamed off again another one banked , the Tuesday was a really good day and resulted in me taking 6 fish that day all around 25-30lb but a good day , whilst having a call of nature my rod screamed off and Alan struck into a fish , he struck so his fish so it was me on netting duty this time and typically the smallest cat we managed of 12lb was in the net

Tuesday was also almost a disaster as I decided to take the deeper out with my boat and the rod screamed off so I put the receiver down and hooked into the fish , I said to Alan just leave the boat it will be fine (famous last words ) with that the cat breached the surface and went over my deeper , at this point I was playing a cat that is towing my boat around and almost dragging it under , being careful with it to save my boat I gave too much line and the cat decided to go round my other line , so now I am playing a cat , boat with deeper attached and all wrapped round my other line , it was carnage but no damage was done the cat was safely landed and we laughed out socks off about it

Weds would you believe it Alan wanders down and bang the rod screams off and another fish landed , the Wednesday I managed to land another 2 fish once again around 28lb , what a morning it was as well

Wednesday afternoon we had the raffle and after winning a win in Thailand the year before I was looking forward to it , not so lucky this time but a trip to crowsheath and some pva bags is always welcome

Our last night came and went again with no bites after 11pm , Thursday morning we awoke to beautiful weather that would be perfect for packing up in , Alan wandered down to see me and what are the chances but yes the 4th day in a row off screams my rod and my last cat landed as the rest of the morning there were no bites , so packing away slowly all morning with the sun beating down and most of the gear outside the bivvy in true Alan style the heavens opened and a quick scramble to get some bits back in the bivvy so they didn’t get too wet but it was only a heavy shower and the sun came back out to dry everything off

So the end of the week and no trophy’s for us , Alan took 2 fish and I had 14 but a big shout to Darren at the other end of the lake who took more then 560lb of fish by himself and blew us out of contention

Fellow wcc rep and good friend Ryan Dennison was also there although as a spectator due to injury his brother scott took his spot and got on plantation where all the big girls reside and he was lucky enough to tame a plantation monster

??? sorry scott had to include this

A massive thank you goes Andy lane , Ricky Graham and Jon Miller for organising the event and Nicky hill is the unsung superstar who works tirelessly to ensure top prizes are in the raffle

Upwards of £13500 raised towards the teenage cancer trust so I would say that is a excellent effort by all that attended

And of course the fun laughter and great session would not be possible without Alan as my partner although I’m not sure he liked me shouting ghillie a couple of times I had a fish on ?, but ghillie off the week award definitely goes to him

Tight lines all

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