Daniel Caunt


My name is Dan, also known as Young Dan. I am the teams youngest rep, with a PB of 82.8oz and an albino of 36lbs


I started fishing at the age of 5 when my Dad took me down to a club lake in Kent which I am still a member off now. I started by float fishing, which then lead to carp fishing. In the summer of 2016 I saw people down the club lake landing Wels catfish and I decided that I fancied a go. After a visit to the tackle shop to upgrade hook length and hook size i was back on the bank fishing 2 rods with dead bait (mackerel). After waiting nearly all day I had a screaming run and there it was. My first catfish at 24lbs. I decided that Wels catfish was the species I wanted to carry on fishing for and it was time to upgrade all my gear.


I was lucky enough to meet a few of the reps down the club lake and they asked me to be a teamrep. Since I’ve been part of the WCC I have learnt loads from the team as well as the members, and any knowledge I am able to pass on I do.

My favourite style of fishing is definitely leech fishing, but as it’s only good on certain waters, at certain times of the year, I also do a lot of pellet fishing.

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