First Session of 2019

First Session of 2019

March 26, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Having seen a few cats waking up at various venues, I felt the time was right to have my first overnighter of the new season.

As most people know, Wintons fishery in Sussex is my go to water. I turned up on Sunday morning with the forecast being high pressure, sunny days with chilly nights. Not ideal, however it makes a change for me not to fish in the rain.

I spoke to a guy in peg one, who told me it had been quiet in the night, and cold. I hoped a bit of sun on the water would warm it back up, fingers crossed.

I set up in peg three and decided light baiting was the order of the day, as it is still early season. Both rods would be fishing pellet first up. Using a Big Cat Stinky Single and half a flouro pop up.

I call this a bullet rig. I boated both baits out, with seven Big Cat Oily Hybrids and a small handful of small mixed pellets, as the old match men say, you can put it in, but you can’t take it out.

The day passed quietly, so before last light I refreshed my spots with the same amount of bait as before. My thinking was, my best chance would be before the temperature dropped too far. How wrong could I be, apart from the odd beep from my left hand rod, by the island and the incessant honking of randy geese, there was nothing to disturb my comfort in my toasty sleeping bag.

At around 4:00 am my left hand rod screamed off, the usual panic finding my Crocs, bivvy door zip, etc ensued. Anyway, I managed to strike into the fish, It was obvious, that it was still a bit lethargic from the winter, no mad runs, just plodding using its weight.

Within about 10 minutes it was in the net. Luckily a guy who was fishing peg seven was passing by, to do the honours with a picture, thanks mate, sorry I didn’t get your name.

The result was a long, slim fish of a tad over sixty two pounds.

IMG_20190325_042820 (2)


The rest of my session passed quietly, though I was pleased to get a bend in my rod, and get the season off to a start.

Thanks go as always to Mo, Paula and the guys at Wintons, it’s always a pleasure to fish there.

Tight lines all, and here is to a great season to everyone.



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