Oakwood Fish-in

Oakwood Fish-in

July 28, 2017 Uncategorized 0
WCC 1st fish-in…..oakwood
Seven of us booked the lake for 48 hours all arrived at around 10:30 in the morning ready for a 12 start everyone apart from Phillip Cochrane who decided to get there at the crack of dawn lol.
The draw was done and we all moved into our swims….. after the draw had taken place two of the lads decided to swap phillip decided to give up a well known side of a swim and let Simon lock go in there as he was staying on for an extra two more nights purely to save Simon from moving around half way through the session so big respect for phillip.
It was very tough and frustrating for some while a couple of others had a couple of fish but that’s fishing Oakwood for you….. I believe these were the following catches while we were there forgive me if they are slightly out.
Phillip had a couple of runs but no fish landed
Simin lock had cats of 4lb 30lb 53lb 60 something lb and a PB of 84lb 12oz so well done to him.
Jason Stokes has had around 8 takes but unfortunately no fish landed as yet.
Sean Cully had a tiny cat and a 31lb cat a few hours before packing up.
Gary Greenwood had a fish of 98lb at the last knockings…..PB and a big well done to him.
Keith Swift had cats of 42lb and 78lb 8oz which was also a PB so A big well done to him.
Myself had 4 takes but no fish landed very frustrating but that’s fishing for you lol.
All in all what a wonderful 48 hrs Oakwood a few good fish landed good company nice weather and of course thanks to gid and Kate for hosting us food was spot on as always thank you very much.


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