Par Fish In 24th-26th May

Par Fish In 24th-26th May

May 27, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Well, another WCC fish-in has come and gone. Firstly a big thank you to Par Fishery for the use of Tillingham Lake, a very nice lake with plenty of space for the anglers. Another thanks goes to Rob Shickle for sorting out everyone with pegs, sadly I couldn’t make the Friday.

Apparently, in my absence, Rob, our resident live bait expert, spent a lot of time setting up rigs and boating them out to the spots for some of the guys. Good lad Rob? I also heard the food delivered to the gate, by the local Chinese was nice so I knew no supplies would be needed for an evening meal, result !

Anyway, onto the fishing. It definitely seemed that live baits were producing the goods. With all the fish on the first night falling to them. Although Chris Rainsford did lose one fishing pellet.

When I arrived early on Saturday, it appeared the lives had shut up shop, possibly enjoying a diet of fish eggs, as the carp had been spawning profusely. The final scores on the doors were

  • Rob Shickle – 7 Fish to 30lb
  • Matt Smith – 4 Fish to 34lb
  • James Smith – 2 Fish to 22lb

The rest of us failing to trouble the scorer. However as usual, it was a great social, with a few laughs, one or two people, who I won’t name to protect their reputation, taking an unintentional dip in the lake ?? and me managing to snap Rob’s landing net arm, sorry once again mate.

It was also nice of Phil Cochrane, Dean and Sharon to drop in to see us, thanks for taking the time out..

I for one am looking forward to more of these in the future, though they do sell out quickly. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates on forthcoming events.

Tight lines.



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