Paul burch crowgreen fishery 

Paul burch crowgreen fishery 

August 5, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Well here we go again 48 hours at crow green got to the lake at early evening on Thursday and decided to fish on the opposite side of the lake to everyone else….. having half the lake to myself I thought I was in with a good chance of a couple of fish…… well the night went by without any disturbance at all so Friday morning just after breakfast I was sitting there contemplating what to do when my left hand rod screamed off the fight was on and I honestly thought I was into a pretty decent big fish as it stripped line off me very very quickly got it under control at a distance of a rounds 60 yards eventually gained line and slip the net under a nice 52lb cat. The rest of the early morning and early afternoon went by without so much of a beep then the same road ripped off again a nice scraper 30lb cat.After speaking to a few people throughout my stay at crow it was soon to become apparent that the lake was fishing very very slow other anglers there told me no cats have been landed all week which made my 2 feel quite special from a tricky water at times.

I think what helped was my lines being away from everyone else which could have given me a little edge…… moral of the story is don’t be afraid to do something different it can sometimes work wonders?

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