Paul Truscott


I started fishing at the age of 6 with a rod and centre pin my gran and granddad brought me back from a holiday in Scotland , granddad took me fishing on the local reservoir and that day we caught a tench , i was hooked !!

Little did I know at the time where that first trip would lead, me in pursuit of large fish all over the country in the following years, and still to this day 42 years later. The carp fishing took over in 1981 after bumping into a camo clad man hiding in a bush with the biggest fish I had ever seen , about 18lbs if i remember , I remember catching my first on sausage meat mixed with groundbait and formed around the hook. I had a fair few twenties up until 1990 , on august the 8th 1990 I had my first 30lb carp at 31lb 12oz , strangely enough it was from the same reservoir I caught my first fish from in 1977. As the years flew by I had great success with loads of 30lb carp and numerous 40+ ones too. I had the odd dabble away from the carp now and again , and caught good fish of all species I tried for. Bream to 15+ tench to 9lb + catfish to 42lb 2lb roach but always went back to the carp.


My biggest carp now stands at 47lb uk and I enjoyed fishing for them. In the years in between all this I met and married the most understanding woman, and had a daughter, who is now my fishing buddy when she’s off school .

Last May the carp buzz had gone , to be honest it hadn’t been there for a few years but I had plodded on , I decided that I needed a change and catfish would be it , best decision I’ve ever made , my first trip was to a lake in Cambs , the next morning after a lot of 20+ cats I headed home knowing this was what I wanted to do.


I carried on through that first year catting, flitting from place to place and having good results everywhere I went. I joined the WCC and with all the info gained it made easy work of trying new methods, because all the info on rigs etc. was already there at hand , the WCC guys were helpful and more than willing to pass on info.

I finished my catfishing in September due to not having any time spare , but ended my season with 3 cats over 65lb and a mandarin of 35lb plus numerous 20s and 30s.


In November I became a rep for the WCC and really enjoy being part of the team, helpful guys with one common interest , the wels catfish , the finest fish in the land !!!

Roll on spring , cheers Paul.

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