Red letter session on the red sauce , and the season ending

Red letter session on the red sauce , and the season ending

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This season has been very up and down for me , until 2 weeks ago I had landed around 30 cats but only to around 35lb compared to previous seasons the number off fish and weights are well down, but I have witnessed pbs for some good friends and had some incredible times on the bank, and been to some Great Lakes

This year I stepped out of my comfort zone more as well and decided to concentrate on the stunning yet very challenging lake plantation at furnace fishery. As many will know for years I have fished wintons and it will always be my home water and it feels good to go back from time to time but sometimes we need a new challenge and we need to test our fishing skills , I could turn up at wintons and go on any peg and I would know straight away the spots where the baits would go , I needed a new challenge and wanted to get the brain working again

I have fished plantation on 7 times this year and for between 48 and 96hrs a time , I actually got up to 13 blanks until 2 weeks ago when I broke the curse and landed this fish at 80lb 8oz

Ryan Dennison is definitely my good luck charm as I seem to find the bigger fish when ever we are on the bank together so when Ryan mentioned he fancied one more session this year i jumped at the chance as it’s always a good laugh when we are on the bank together so it was decided and I managed to get 4 nights of fishing in but ryan could only do 2 nights , I arrived on the Thursday and got taken to my chosen swim which happened to be the same one I managed the 80 from the previous week so I was happy with that

I preceded to get the bivvy up and sorted and then got the rods out with the night drawing in at this point I decided to fish all rods on pellets and all with the same rig. For years I have always fished 6oz leads free running but I have changed recently to in-line leads and whether this was the reason for my upturn in fortunes I’m not sure but I will carry on with the in-line a at the moment

Tubing over the braid kept in place with a float stop , a 5oz in-line with the insert removed , tail rubber on the catmaster swivel so the lead pushes onto it making it semi fixed , 200lb catmaster rt braid on a simple hair rig with some hooks from Thailand , bait was 28mm pellets soaked for around 6weeks in catmaster red sauce with a pop up to balance the pellets

With the rods all set it was time to chill for a bit and sort the final bits in the bivvy , the rods were only out for around 2hrs when the middle one burst into life and screamed off , I ran out the bivvy and struck into what felt like a good fish some crazy runs with the reel drag set quite tight so the fish had to work for every inch of line it took , after around 10mins I was winning the battle when a short burst of life saw the fish go under one of my other lines luckily the gentleman fishing next to me was there to lift the other rod up and avoid a big tangle , the fish surfaced and I got the net and first attempt she went in , I looked in the net and thought that’s a decent fish but it wasn’t till it was on the mat that I though f### that is a very good fish and I’m 99% sure a new pb

The sling was prepared and the fish moved into it we lifted the sling up and looked at the scales as they smashed round to 96lbs wow I was amazed and so excited

The fish was returned and the rod was put back on the same spot , I sent a few messages to let people know of my new pb and then had various calls and conversations with fellow wcc reps, I was on cloud 9 then whilst chatting to rob Shickle my left hand rod burst into life and I struck into another decent fish , again a really good fight and then I slipped the net under a 68lb catfish

Wow 13 nights blanking then I landed the 80 on the previous session and now my rods had only been in the water 4hrs and I had 2 fish including a pb

It was time to get some sleep although I struggled as I was like a kid on Christmas Day with excitement , that night I had a few knocks and then the left rod screamed off again I struck and although the rod bent it didn’t feel very big and after a short fight I saw a carp surface , I got it into the net and on the scales and it was 31.5 lb and a new pb

The rest of the night I only had a few knocks. I woke in the morning and soon ryan turned up to set up in the swim 1 up from me , and to my relief he had water ?, I had failed to realise before putting the rods out the previous day I forgot my water and not wanting to get the rods in I went without coffee for the night which is unheard of with me as I drink a lot of coffee , so caffeine fix sorted and ryan got set up

As has been the case on all my sessions on plantation this year the days were very very quiet and it was soon time to get the rods out for the night , a very enjoyable evening was spent chatting with ryan and my wife who had joined me for a couple of nights and it was soon time to head to bed , starting to doze I had a small run on my right hand rod but it came to nothing then my left rod burst into life I struck into what felt like a good fish again and had a good battle ryan had wandered over and did the honours off unhooking the fish , in the net we thought it was a high 60 but when we went to lift it out it was heavy and once on the mat it looked massive into the sling and then onto the scales 91lb it settled on ??? I couldn’t believe it a brace of 90s

Ryan on tail duties for this one

The rest of the night cake and went with only a few knocks and ryan only had a couple of knocks.

Saturday morning and once again the lake was quiet so we set about doing the best thing we could on a Saturday morning and that was knocking up a nice big fry up , then Ryan’s alarm starting going and he managed to save a blank ??

The day quickly passed and it was time to get the rods out for the evening , I took my boat over to Ryan’s swim and with the sonar we looked at the depths off Ryan’s swim and decided where to put the baits for the night

The rods were all out and it was time to have a chin wag and some dinner before calling it a night , it looked great for a bite and we were feeling confident. Around midnight the heavens opened for the night with some torrential rain and not even a beep for either of us.

Sunday morning and the weather cleared up and it was time for ryan to pack up we said our goodbyes then my wife had to get home as well so I went for a wander round the other lakes as it was very quiet on the lake again during the day , the day soon became evening and the rods were back out on the spots , 2 am and the middle rod tore off and I struck into a fish but it didn’t feel very big and I soon got a glimpse of another carp this time a mirror weighing in at 26lb not the intended species but a nice fish , unfotunatley the pictures I got were rubbish , I cracked the camera lens on my phone and the camera ran out off battery. The rod was out back on the spot and around 5am it screamed off I struck into another good fish and soon the scales were pulling round to 64 lb

Not a great pic but all I could do. It was soon time to pack up as I had to get to work . The heavens opened as I was packing away and everything got soaked but after 4 cats of 64,68,91 and 96lb and 2 carp of 26lb and 31.5lb I was very happy to say the least especially as it is such a challenging lake , I can only ever hope that I get another session like this but only time will tell

So my catfishing season has ended on a massive high and although it is tempting to go again I wouldn’t be able to for a few weeks and by then I’m sure it will be too late in the year and I would rather finish on the session then a blank , It has made up for all the times I have struggled and questioned everything I have ever learnt but it all came good in style

I must mention the carp I have had this season as I have had almost as many carp as cats and a fair few over 20lb including a new pb breaking my previous carp pb by only 1/2lb but it had stood for 18years so I was pleased with that

Big Thankyou to the wcc reps and members it’s always good to share stories and pick up tips

Big thanks to wintons fishery , furnace lakes , and the new Celtic lakes for the sessions I have had this year

I have had some amazing times with lots of people on the bank stretton honor , ryan Dennison , Alan Honeyman , Tommy Coleman , Andy Jenkins to name a few who have made my season what it is and helped me make memories and stories that will last a lifetime

Now for the wait until the new season although i have some trips planned for next year already including a return to Thailand and I’m sure I will be out again over winter after some other species

Tight lines all

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