Rob Shickle


Rob Shickle age 43

I’ve been fishing since a boy over my local park lake for roach and tench, and yes my bobbin was a fairy liquid bottle top, quite ironic really, as still to this day I fish for roach and tench, this time for bait purposes only …

See for me the fun part of catfishing is to go only armed with a pot of worms and some maggots, the pressure is on !!!! No baitfish and I’m going home early, I work hard for my brownie points with the Mr’s I’ll be damned if I’m wasting them on a unsuccessful trip. It’s then that I sometimes really have to work at my match fishing skills and can often be spotted frantically doing laps of a lake in search of a better stamp of baitfish , roach and skimmers usually suffice, failing that a shoal rig with baby roach usually get a bite, although sometimes I’m really lucky and a small tench or even a baby carp to get me fishing , Venue permitting of course.

My Uk pb is currently 107 lb which I will endeavour to add to over the coming months.


I’ve been lucky to have been on many annual French trips over the years, and fancied a change, about 4 years ago, so booked to go to Spain to fish the mighty Ebro , what a place it’s daunting, rugged and full of monsters, I was in heaven, I loved the place and go back as often as I can, again all down to the brownie points !!!

I’m now chasing a fish of 160 lb plus so each trip gets harder, I’m also chasing a rare as rocking horse s!!t mandarin to complete the set after having a big albino over a Ton in France last year.


We have many trips planned, both home and abroad this season, so keep your eyes peeled for the catch reports and of course the WCC fish ins, which are a good laugh and a chance for us all to learn something new.

I’ve been part of the WCC for a few seasons now and really enjoy the spirit within the team , not to mention the banter being the only Essex boy in the group , thank god Darren’s on board now to help me with these Kent boys, they certainly are a different breed ,

As a group we feel our strength is our diversity, as we all fish different styles and have reps spread throughout the country , so if any of us can help, just ask, as that’s what we are here for, hope to catch up with a few of you on the bank this year, and to continue making great new friends ?

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