Kelly Laws


My name is Kelly Laws I live in Faversham Kent with my husband Matt and have 5 grown up children. My eldest John is 30 and had Downs Syndrome and Brugada Symdrome. I have always been active and enjoyed my hobbies such as Horseriding, motorcycling, playing Rugby and fishing. What started with stalking carp on the surface with crust gave me an appetite to catch more species. Diversifying from pike to sailfish across continents I get a real buzz every time I catch, particularly new species. Some of my favourites include alligator gar and albino pacu. My main focus for some years is catfish, mostly Wels but I can be found from time to time with a red tail just for a change. Many of the people in the catfish fraternity are helpful, friendly and I have made many friends along the way. Whilst heavily weighted towards men I have found that there are some great female anglers, we have arranged Ladies days fish in’s and some were new to the sport and have carried on which is amazing. Disabled inclusion is also something I am passionate about. Seeing swims and walkways able to take wheelchairs is definitely the way forward to ensure inclusion around our great sport, we should all be able to enjoy it. 2021 for me was remarkable from April, spending 17 nights on a few lakes in the freezing cold to smashing my British pb twice in a week from 2 waters where I fished for the first time. Oak Lakes threw up my first at 121lb and a week later Moby made a personal appearance at 128lb at Crow Green. Both Essex waters. Followed by trips to France and Spain my ton tally has surpassed all expectations this year. I love to fish but also the quietness of the bankside. I’ve recently started to fly fish which is certainly different, I was lucky to catch a rainbow on my first trip which tasted amazing!
Looking forward to seeing many of you on the bank. Tight lines and happy hunting.

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