Ryan Dennison


Hi my name is Ryan I live in the south west. I started fishing at the age of 11 on one of our local lakes for carp. I carried on carp fishing until I was 17, I stopped to concentrate on football, at the age of 30 I gave up football because my son was born.

I missed having a hobby so I decided to get back into carp fishing, I started back on a day session. One of my mates I went with asked if wanted to to do a 48hr session, that was it, I got the fishing buzz back !!! We started going on regular 48hr sessions.

Unfortunately due to personal circumstances I started to suffer panic attacks, on many occasions I would have to leave in the middle of the night, meaning my mates would have to pack my kit up for me. Eventually I managed to get control of the panic attacks and started going fishing a lot more. I even built up the confidence to try different lakes !!

In June 2012 we went to Todber manor and I caught my first cat at 28lb it was a completely different fight to a carp. After that I decided I wanted to catch more, and the heavier the better!! We booked to go to Charlies lake in Kent. It was a good 3 1/2 hours journey and in the back of my mind I was worrying about suffering more panic attacks so far away from home . Anyway I went and had a great 48hrs session, catching 8 cats and a new pb 38lb . We decided to try Furnace lake a few weeks later, unfortunately I couldn’t beat my pb.


In 2017 I decided to give up on carp fishing, in September I joined the WCC fish- in at Wintons unfortunately I blanked, But I wasn’t going to be beaten, so I booked on the next fish-in the WCC had in April 2018 . This was fantastic as I beat my pb three times in 48hrs, I had a 38.6, 64.4 and a 82.2 !! Everyone was so supportive and made me feel like part of the team. I was on such a high I decided to give Furnace another go. Well I’m glad I did, smashing my pb twice, with an 84.6 then an 85.2.


In June I was back at Furnace lakes for the CAC event. I was teamed up with Andrew Thomas and went on to win on Kiln lake.

In June 2018 I decided to join Wintons fishery as I was travelling so much for 48hr sessions. I started to arrange sessions with Dan Tully. Phil Cochrane turned up to fish as well, during the session I was asked to become a WCC rep ! Of course I accepted, and can’t thank the admin and other reps enough. I have met some truly good people in the WCC group, and made many friends along the way. All the best for 2019.

Tight lines.

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