Sean Cully at jimmys 2017

Sean Cully at jimmys 2017

August 8, 2017 Uncategorized 0

A very sociable social. 

Back in may myself and luke Dawson took a trip down to jimmys lake In Essex, we had a rather productive 24h session with 13 cats landed. 

The picture were posted on Facebook and with that we were both asked by some none cat angling friends that if we’re were going again to let them know, so we though OK, lets organise a 48 hr social at the same lake. 
We managed to find a date to go that suited 11 of us in the group, All strangers to each other but accosiated in one way or another.. 

 7 of the 11 of us were catfish Virgins and 1 of those 7 had never caught a fish over a lb in weight. 

As the date drew closer the excitement was building on the group chat, it was going to be a good crack, that was a certainty. 
We all arrived at the lake at different times on the Friday, we had a few little prizes to offer around between us, so decided to have the friendly competition from 10pm..

Largest= 2hr tattoo from Luke. 

First fish after 10pm = 5kg of pellet from adam

Most fish= crate of beer from Joe. 

Smallest= bottle of vodka from me. 
Worthy prizes I’m sure you’ll agree ? 
Anyway, we were all set up and fishing away, it was unusually slow fishing, we think it was down to the high air pressure 1024mb and the pressure of having a full lake of northern monkeys having a good laugh. 
In total over the 48 hrs that we were there we had a total of 19 cats out between us all, with Joe landing the largest at 49lb. All except one of the catfish Virgins managed to land cats, so mission accomplished… 

Matt who had never caught anything over a lb opened his catfish account with a 35lb cat, so he was over the moon and is now looking to take up catfishing. 

I managed to land 4 fish and lost 2,

 17lb, 13lb, 39lb and 40lb
To sum it all up:

The lake was fishing slower than normal, but the lack of numbers of fish was more than made up by a high average weights, to be honest just the laughs and jokes was enough reason for us to be there, certainly no negativey towards the lake and we will definitely make it a annual trip. 
Big thanks to Steve for letting us exclusively book lake and sorting out the baits, and also to Scott for looking after us all with food and drinks..

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