Sean Cully


Hi I’m Sean cully.
I’ve been a keen angler since I was a small boy, my early days were spent sat on my local canal and small public pond where silvers and the odd carp were the norm.
As my skill developed I took a keen interest in carp waters and the my local river, the mighty Trent.

3 seasons ago I was introduced in to the catfishing world and I’ve never looked back.
I’ve had 3 very productive seasons targeting the UK cats, in my first season I managed to land 2 70lb cats at the same time at a local water to me, this catch won me the “king of the catch” angling direct competition, this was also when I was invited to represent the WCC after I won the wcc fish of the month, a absolute honor.

This year I managed to organise the WCC eruo trip to maronis with 14 other wcc members, it was a pleasure to do

My future catfish targets are to catch a UK 100lb+, a French 160+ then after that it’ll be a ebro trip. Go big or go home…..

Being part of the wcc team is fantastic position to be in and something I’m alway proud to mention to fellow anglers.
I openly share my experiences and my knowledge as best as can.

I were the red shirt with pride knowing we as a community are the biggest and the best.

I hope to see you on the bank for a chat sometime..


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