Session 4 of the quest for barry

Session 4 of the quest for barry

August 9, 2017 Uncategorized 0

the hunt for barry continues and so on July 21st I headed back to heron lake part of the wintons fishery complex to try my luck again

feeling very confident after what was a very remarkable week for me personally I headed along with my daughter round to peg 41 (teds swim) for a 24hr session, the weather looked good for it and fish were showing and peg 41 is my favourite peg on heron

so bivvy up out went the rods luncheon meat to the margin and a live bait my daughter had just caught by the island on a msr rig

a few hours passed and my daughter was by now on her kindle so I was catching a few livebait for the night when I glanced over and my msr was not there then beeeeep I grabbed the rod and hooked into a fish , 2 minutes later the hook pulled but at least they were feeding ,

not a lot more happened until around 9pm , it was this time it started raining no sorry pouring , undeterred we sat in the bivvy and started dozing off around midnight beeeeep yes another fish I hooked it and it felt like a beast was this the moment me a barry would come eye to eye ! , snap went the line disappointed did not cover how I felt oh well re tie another dumbell rig and get it back out (it is still pouring )

1 am beeeep I jump off the bed chair and hit the rod fish on wow another chance nope the hook pulled again just how my luck was going so re set the trap and back to bivvy , it was around now I noticed that due to the amount of rain I was soaked through so thought a change of top was in order but what I didn’t realise was that it rained that hard that the bivvy was flooding and my spare clothes were wet oh well I will stay wet then


3 am beeeeep the line was screaming if I jumped out into the rain (still pouring ) hit the rod it bent double in my head I said this is it screaming run after screaming run and I was gaining some line I managed to get withing about 20 foot of me when the fish charged straight towards the corner of the island where the trees over hang I put the rod tip into the water to keep the line low a huge splash occurred and all of a sudden my line felt different a couple of tugs on it and I could feel and hear what had happened the cat rolling by the trees it had somehow got my line over a branch and a few moments later snap not again what else could happen I thought, I tied a new rig up and set the trap again , did I mention it has been pouring all night I am soaked through snapped off twice and 2 hook pulls I was not too happy

6am the rain stopped and it was light so I was wondering around trying to dry bits out when the alarm went I went to the rods and as I slipped on the wet mud on the floor not only did the alarm stop but splosh my phone was in the lake , shoulder deep I got it back and by some miracle I am writing this blog of the same phone

so wet gear all packed away I headed home after a nightmare session and my only thought was when can I get back and when will mine and barry’s paths cross

keeo tuned to find out



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