The new Celtic lakes take 2

The new Celtic lakes take 2

August 5, 2019 Uncategorized 0

So around a year ago Alan Honeyman , Andy Jenkins and myself visited new Celtic lakes for a session and we had a very quiet time and the wcc ended up being the welsh camping community , after a year of banter with Neil Bennett the owner of this amazing lake it was time to revisit

Leaving home at 4 am for the long journey we all met for breakfast then carried on our journey to arrive at around 11am , we were once again warmly greeted by Neil and his wife Maggie and once again we looked across the 17acres of water in anticipation of what was to come

With big sturgeon , cats and carp in here we were hoping we may get a few nice fish and I really can’t tell you how nice this venue is , well maintained , quiet , tranquil and the owners and Martin the bailiff make it one of my favourite venues to fish at

So we all set up Andy in peg 25 , Alan 24 and me in 23 , we had plenty of water in front of us but we’re close enough for a social and the picnic benches Neil and Maggie have round the lake are ideal for sitting and socialising whilst waiting for a run

So the rods were out and it wasn’t long until Andy managed to land a carp , we then had our dinner delivered by Martin the bailiff who runs bivvy dinners and good food at a good price there’s no need to take your own food , after dinner Andy had a run he sprinted to his rods forgetting about the other picnic table and went flying over it banging his leg , myself and Alan were rolling with laughter till we saw his leg and the bruising already there , that’s going to sting and he lost the fish as well so not a ideal start ,

The first evening came and Andy landed another carp and I managed my first carp of the session (I was fishing 2 cat rods and 1 carp rod )

The rest of the night was quiet with just a few runs but no fish , the next morning Andy managed a couple more carp and I added another carp to the tally we had bettered the previous year session already although Alan was yet to catch so Neil was reminding him about camping ?

The day drew to a close and we all headed to our bivvies with no more action until midnight when I had a run and landed a slab of a bream at around 10lb but I still hadn’t landed a cat until around 2.30 am when my rod tore into life and I landed my first new Celtic cat , quickly followed by another 2 including a 1/2lb kitten on whole cuttlefish

After a restless night Friday was a beautiful morning and baking hot (fishing with Alan and it wasn’t raining what was going on ) no more fish for any of us that morning so me and Andy decided to have a wander to lake 2 armed with some floaters to see if we could get any carp of the top , I managed 2 but Andy didn’t get any so the rest of the evening was me asking him if he wanted some lessons ??

Neil popped round that evening for a chat and a good bit of banter was had including threatening to put windbreaks around Alan’s camping swim , fair to say Alan was getting some stick but little did we know he would have the final say that night

I had just had another slab of a bream when I settled back into the bed chair I heard a alarm followed by a sturgeon crashing and thought someone has hooked one around 20 mins later I heard Alan calling me so out the bivvy I go it was Alan that had the sturgeon hooked I woke Andy and watched whilst Alan played the fish once in the margin I jumped in the lake and got hold of the fish once secured Alan joined me and we all just looked in amazement at the beast in front of us , I unhooked it as understandably Alan was shaking at the sight of this fish

105 lbs of new celtics finest I was made up for Alan and we released the fish and then got out the lake , the next words out of Alan’s mouth will live with me forever he turned towards where Neil and Maggie live and just said ”f*** you Neil bennet ” we were rolling with laughter as Alan had finally stopped camping and we knew Neil would wet himself when told of these words and sure enough he did the next morning

Not to be finished there Alan was in again to a cat and as I netted the cat for him my carp tore off

The next morning was all about waiting for 8am when Neil starts work as Alan had plenty of banter built up for him after the sturgeon and the cat and we went round to the tackle shop to see him and what a laugh we had in there for about a hour

Saturday produced more carp for me and Andy including me landing the biggest of the trip and another cat for Alan which made a great video of the cat trying to slap Alan

That night was quiet apart from 1 slab and 1 carp for me , then came Sunday morning and this was our last few hours but myself and Andy managed to land another carp each not big but some stunning fish

All in all we ended up meeting so great people (big shout to mark and Cheryl and well done on the sturgeon Cheryl very well played ) we ate well thanks to martins amazing bivvy diners and breakfasts , and we had some lovely fish

Andy 10 carp

Alan 1 sturgeon and 2 cats

Me 11 carp 3 cats and 3 bream(only included as they were proper slabs with biggest scraping a double )

Big thank you to Neil and Maggie for running such a amazing venue and making us feel so welcome we love it there and the fish will only get bigger and bigger , we will be back and I can’t wait

Tight lines all

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