The quest for barry

The quest for barry

August 9, 2017 Uncategorized 0

So before I go out hunting big bad barry again this weekend I thought I would give you a insight into the previous sessions of trying to land wintons fishery biggest resident ,

I have so far had 4 short sessions trying to hook her which have gone from a decent session to what can only be described as a nightmare

Session one was a quick 24hr back in April which resulted in a 54 lb cat taken on good old spam and apart from this not a lot of action

session two was in April again and although weather conditions looked good the fish were not biting and this resulted in a blank


session 3 was another quick 24hr session which happened to land just as the fish were spawning and so I sat there for 24hrs without a beep from my alarms

session 4  I will write a separate post for as this is the most recent and what a trip it was for all the wrong reasons


tight lines all




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