The quest for barry session 5

The quest for barry session 5

August 12, 2017 Uncategorized 0

so once again I am sat on heron lake , at wintons fishery trying to land the biggest fish of the complex big bad barry

after arriving and walking round the lake I settled on peg 35 I say settled as my first choice swims were gone , the water level is very low and using a dumbell as a rough marker float at the island there is around 18” waters but 2 rods lengths off the island around 4 feet so this is where I would position the rods ,

all set up I decided to put livebait on one rod and leeches on the second however something told me to change so I have settled on both rods having the msr rig set up as dumbells with livebaits on

so out went a double roach (hooked too of one and bottom of the other to create a rolling effect) and a bream around 8pm the rod was off and I struck felt the weight and then the hook pulled , nothing then till 11pm ish when beeedp away it went again and a nice 29lb in the net not the monster I want but my sons first face to face with a catfish a 11 year boy over the moon to see a catfish so I was chuffed with this

12 pm another run and what a fight for 10 minutes the fish went left right forward and back until ping the hook pulled again ? , another hour passed and off it was again and after a tussle 33 lb in the net again not what I am chasing but it is fish in the net which is what fishing is about

urrently 1.30 am and tail slaps , splashes etc all over the lake I can only hope that one of the big tails is that of barry and between now and Sunday afternoon she may decide to come and say hello ??

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