Tommy Coleman

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Getting woken up by my dad at silly o’clock in the morning was my first memory , Only getting a few hours sleep that night due to being excited for the day ahead , Rushing around in the morning loading the car and making sandwiches , I remember sitting in the back of the car for ages waiting for my dad to come out the house and start the engine… I’m sure most people have this type of memory , So at my early age i was a match type of fisherman , in fact lets be honest , Rod, Reel, Float set up and a maggot , I waited hours just for a little knock on that float, hoping that the fish under it was a big one …. 1lb -5lb was big in them days and sitting on the bank with my dad was all I needed.

Later in my teens i started hunting carp, Keston ponds was my favourite lake and witnessed some monster carp come out during my youth so now it was my turn, I started saving money every week to buy new rods and reels so if i did hook the big one i would not lose it… With my dad working most days i had to make my own way to the lake which was at least 10 miles away and no transport , So I built a bicycle up out of old bits and bobs and tied the tackle to the frame … Off I went nearly every day , rucksack with my food and a box of dog biscuits …. For years I tried to hook the big carp,, so many times the fish took the bait and hook pulls, but never got it out, maybe one day I will visit Keston ponds and attempt to catch my childhood dream.

During my Teens fishing became a distant memory and my intentions were focused on clubbing and getting drunk ….

In my mids 20s my old fishing mate Morris invited me down to a club lake just for a bit of company . Getting out my car walking down the side of the lake started bring back all those memories above, by the time I got to him I was already thinking about started up fishing again, in fact I remember sitting next to him on my mobile phone looking at rods and reels to buy.

Well it only took a few weeks and I had everything to start up , I joined the club lake and headed down every week to meet Morris and target the carp… and then during one session my alarms started screaming , the spool was spinning fast then I have ever seen it…. BANG I was into my first catfish ( On Carp Gear ) the rod was looking like it was going to snap. I could not stop the spool from spinning …. eventually the fish started to slow down and i was bringing the line back in , after about 30 min I had my first ever catfish in the net, My arms and legs were still shaking , sweat on my forehead


Morris un-hooked the fish and we quickly weighed it…. 45lb Albino catfish … to say the least, I was over the moon ..

From that point onwards it continued every week , catching more and more cats all lower in weight then the very first one, over the next few months I started purchase better and heavier tackle perfect for cat fishing, But as I tried to get better the challenge was getting harder to get the stuff , so sitting on the bank I decided that the internet needed a dedicated web shop to buy catfishing tackle , Fishing Depot happened and was running well in the first year.

During this stage of my life trying to run a company and having a full time job and family it was getting to much and something had to go , so I decided to close the web shop , but as I did this a opportunity to create a facebook community dedicated to catfish came up, and I joined forces with the admin team to start this small community , Using a few home skills ( IT) I made the website for the group and continued to help the odd person on the Facebook page but after about 6 months myself and the admin team realised that the group was taking off , and we had about 800 members…. since that point we focused on the group and in 2018 we become the biggest independent catfish group on Facebook in the UK , And still to this day we are running away with it ..


So as you can tell we have been pretty busy over the last few years, and we are continuing to grow everyday , If I get time this season I will try and beat my PB of 75lb … but lets not count on it


Tight lines everyone , andnd hopefully we can meet on the bank one day…

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