Catfish Fisheries are starting to appear all over the uk , The sport is getting bigger and more recognised every year. However some owners don’t like to advertise that cats are in the lakes.

This could be down to many reasons so we have tried to list as many as possible . You may find that some information is incorrect. We advised that you make contact with the fisheries before attending.

Just remember cat-fishing and fishing in genaral  comes with rules which are set out from the fisheries , make sure you check theses out before going as it can be pretty embarrassing if you get caught doing something thats wrong or banned

Simply click on the interactive map and it will highlight with pins .

click on the pin and google will hopefully give you a bit more information .



For lake owners that do not see there lake/s please contact us using our contact page ( Click Here ) and we will upload your information to the map.




We also Have a page called Approved Fisheries.

If you would like your waters highlighted and reviewed by our team get in touch and we will let you know how this can be done.


Just click on the map to reveal a list of catfish waters near you. .  


Dont forget to become a member of the Red Army , Its simple and free to join , head over to our shop and buy a Red shirt and once you catch your catfish take a picture and upload it to our facebook group ( Click Here ) , We will also upload it to our dedicated gallery for the Red Army.


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