Alan Honeyman

Hi, my name is Alan, a native North Easterner I have been fishing for more years than I care to remember. From childhood memories of fishing my local beck for minnows and sticklebacks to where I am today.

As a teenager, yes, a long time ago, my interest waned as other things entered my life. Things changed after the shipyard I worked in closed and I retrained in I.T. I moved down to the South East for my new employer and wrote code, before it was trendy.

A chance meeting in my adopted local, with a guy called Martin Arrowsmith rekindled my interest and the next day we fished the Basingstoke Canal getting a proper mixed bag on float rods.

My fishing with Martin continued, with me joining Dorking A/S and fishing the river Mole for most things which swim. A trip to Old Bury Hill in the late eighties and chatting to the carp boys, convinced me that this was the way to go. This coincided with Martin leaving the area, and me moving too. Sadly we lost touch, and as Martin was a good few years older than me, I imagine he is now fishing that big lake in the sky. I will be eternally grateful to him for saying over a pint, “do you like fishing ?”

For many years I carp fished Old Bury Hill in the warmer months, and the river Mole over the winter for chub and a spot of piking.


So, you all ask, how did my catfishing journey begin, well, quite simple really. Whilst carping at Beaver Farm I landed my first cat, at 20lb on the nose, I thought I’d hooked into a train on a 2 3⁄4 test rod !

Another chance meeting with another Martin, Martin Weire, lead me on to fishing Furnace and then joining Wintons, still predominantly after the carp, but the pull of the dark side proved too much, first fishing one cat rod, but very quickly investing in a dedicated cat set up, My great friends and fellow reps now, Dan Tully and Phil Cochrane have been a great help on a steep learning curve, enabling me to up my PB on each season I have fished Wintons. Currently it stands at 80lbs on the nose.


I must take this opportunity to thank my wonderful wife, Tracey for her support and understanding of my almost obsessive behaviour in hunting our great quarry. Thanks darling x.

I feel honoured and privileged to have been given the opportunity to be a Rep for this fantastic group, and look forward to coming seasons both advising and learning from fellow cat anglers. It’s been a great ride so far. I have made some great friends, and hope to see more, both old and new on the bank soon. Onwards and upwards WCC !

Tight Lines Alan

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